Everyday Stewardship

My wife and I have used the same baptismal gown for all 3 of our children. It is a very long traditional gown made with fabric taken from my wife’s first communion dress and my mother-in-law’s wedding gown. It is a symbol not just of each child being washed clean by the sacrament, but also of family and how faith has been passed down through generations. Faith is a gift and that gown shows how this family has taken seriously the cultivation of that faith and the sharing of it with those we love the most.

By our baptism we are called to a discipleship that compels us to share our faith with others. It is not always easy, but it would be wrong to horde that faith and not let it shine for others to see. When we think about a stewardship way of life, we sometimes focus on material goods, our talents and skills, or our time. But faith is a gift that needs to be treated in a similar way. We are heirs with Jesus Christ to this rich tapestry of faith and the Church. If all of us were to hide that faith and not seek to share it with others, that lineage would end with us.

We live during a time in history where in some lands people are finding Jesus in huge numbers, while in other places the numbers of people in the pews is declining sharply. We can spend all our time talking about these realities or we can choose to respond to our baptismal call. Jesus commanded us to go forth and make disciples of all nations. Maybe we can begin with our neighbor.

 —Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS