February 21st ~ 1st Sunday of Lent

Angels Tending

He was in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan; and he was with the wild beasts, and the angels waited on him. —Mark 1:13

A year into the worldwide pandemic now, it may seem like we live in a wilderness with the beasts of fear, discouragement, grief, depression, and weariness all around us. It is easy to notice these “beasts” that have become such a present reality for so many of us, but have we also noticed the angels tending to us at the same time? Who are the people who have shared their strength with us, consoled us, or encouraged us during these challenging times? What have been some gifts of this time? Perhaps you have discov­ered creative ways to connect with distant family members. Maybe you have enjoyed more homemade meals or had time to learn a new hobby or finish a big project. Perhaps you’ve been hearing how the earth is healing as the air and water is spared further pollution. Yes, there are beasts in our wilderness, but angels are tending us too.

FOR REFLECTION: Take some time to name the people who have been angels to you this past year. Name some gifts that have come out of this disruptive time “in the wilderness.”