An Easter Story

This is a photo of my Christmas poinsettia that was given to me about three years ago! I have tried many, many ways to make these plants grow the red leaves after I receive the plants at Christmas.  I have tried putting them in a dark, damp place during the summer months, not watering them during those months as well, putting a paper bag over them as well, etc.  Nothing, nothing ever worked!  I can keep them growing the green leaves many, many years!  My mother was the same way.  Could grow the plants for years but never grew red leaves again after the initial red ones fell off!
This past Monday when I pulled my curtains together at the end of the day, I noticed the red leaf on the right in the picture!  Yeah!  Finally a red leaf!  Then on Tuesday morning when I opened the curtains in the morning, there was a very small red leaf on the left!  Wednesday morning again as I opened the curtains there was a second red leaf on the left!  Three total red leaves on the plant, so far!  Yeah!  And there are numerous, NUMEROUS, sproutings all over this plant that have not opened yet!
A Christmas poinsettia that has finally bloomed for me and God has given it to me at EASTER during Holy Week!  I call this my EASTER miracle!  What a sign.  I have emailed all my brothers & sisters about it and my older brother, Rick, said maybe it is because of Mom.  Mother would have been 100 years on April 4th this year!!!
Cool!  I love and believe things like this are signs from God to us!
Just wanted to share it with you as well!

By Wilma Spaulding