February 17, 2021

January 16, 2021

Ash Wednesday Prayer Service 2021

Ashes this year will distributed by sprinkling them on each person’s head. 

Following is a brief explanation of this practice:  Sprinkling ashes on the top of the head recalls the biblical practice of putting on “sackcloth and ashes” as an act of penance. For example, we read in the Book of Nehemiah: “On the twenty fourth day of this month, the Israelites gathered together while fasting and wearing sackcloth, their heads covered with dust” (Neh 9:1). While the custom in the USA has been to mark the forehead with a cross, sprinkling the ashes on the head remains the custom in other parts of the world such as Spain and Italy. However the ashes are received, the interior repentance expressed by this exterior act is at the heart of the action.

Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Prayer Service with the distribution of ashes
12:10 pm at St. Joseph Church
5:30 pm at St. Anthony Church

Please note: All Saints will not be able to offer Ash Wednesday Masses. We will have the churches open at
12:10 pm at St. Joseph Church and 5:30 pm at St. Anthony Church as scheduled.  We will conduct a brief prayer service and distribute ashes to any who do desire to come. However, we urge folks to stay home if your roads are not cleared and travel is difficult.