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Disciples on a Journey Together

Life at All Saints Parish…


It’s been an interesting few weeks. 

Thunder, lightning, tornadoes…

I want to thank Roy Ackerman and his friend Dan!  Some of you saw Dan flying his drone over the parish buildings on both campuses last weekend.  Good news…no damage found!  

In the end of February, three officers from the Evansville Police Department came to the St. Anthony campus to do a Threat Assessment with us of the parish grounds.  They left us with several suggestions.  You’ll be seeing some changes in the landscaping around the campus this spring, exit signs in St. Anthony Church…St. Joseph Church already has them, and we will be numbering the doors.  All of this to make the work of emergency responders easier if they ever need to come to the campuses. 

They also told us about a Situational Awareness Class that the EPD offers.  This class helps participants recognize the body language that we encounter that makes us feel threatened or makes us aware of a possible threatening situation.  We will be working with them to schedule this class for us here at All Saints.   

This weekend, March 18 & 19, is the kickoff of our annual stewardship campaign.  You will have the opportunity to once again look at which ministries you are involved in and which ones you want to become involved in.  It takes all of us to keep All Saints Parish vibrant and sustainable.  Please consider your talents and gifts and pray with the Holy Spirit to see which ministries you are being called to participate in. 

We’ll see everyone at Fr. Jay’s Retirement Open House on Sunday from noon – 2 pm at the gym on the St. Anthony Campus.  It will be a great celebration of Fr. Jay’s dedication to his ministry as a priest and pastor at All Saints and in the diocese.  ~ Sharon Vogler, PLC

Disciples on a Journey…Together

We have now lived our first week of Lent…prayer, fasting, almsgiving.
We celebrated Ash Wednesday as a faith community. I hope you are finding some
Lenten resources on our parish website, Facebook, weekly e-news, Flocknotes and the
What is Lent like for you? I always have to work very hard to enter into Lent. Like
Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter seem to be so busy that I anticipate their end as
soon as they begin.
May God’s grace continue to guide us through this season of Lent.

Disciples on a Journey…Together

The past couple of months as Pastoral Life Coordinator have been interesting, fun, a learning experience. I’ve met with all the parish commissions and am beginning to understand their part in the life of the parish. I look forward to continuing to work with all the commissions. They are dedicated to their tasks of enriching the life and ensuring the future of All Saints Parish.

I’ve been asked several times if I have any goals as Pastoral Life Coordinator. I see All Saints Parish continuing to grow and move forward as a vibrant parish, whose mission is to work for charity and justice in our parish and community. 

My goal is for us, as a parish, to determine our goals and objectives that will continue to move us forward. All of this is done as we work, dream and plan together.

Thanks to everyone who has offered to help in any way needed. Fr. Jay has shown us how working together in our mission can spread the message of the Gospel. May we continue to keep our mission at heart…We are called to be a faith filled family, who acts justly, loves tenderly, forgives freely, and walks humbly with our God.