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Family Faith Formation welcomes youth from Kindergarten through grade 8 and their families. We gather every other Sunday at the St. Anthony cafeteria for fellowship, prayer, scripture reflection and learning more about our Catholic religion.
Family Faith Formation is an opportunity for all of us, children, youth and adults, to come together to share our faith and learn more about what we believe and practice as Catholics. The family setting gives us the opportunity to not only know how each of us lives our Christian Catholic life, but to learn how others put God’s love into action in their family, our parish, our community and the world. Our time together is spent listening, learning, sharing, and participating in activities. It is always a joy to hear the words of wisdom and love that come from the hearts and through the voices of our children! Extended family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors – is welcome! Please call the parish office today to join us or to ask questions about our Family Faith Formation program. A team of catechists present the day’s lesson through various methods/teaching approaches.
Our First Communion children/families have an additional program as they prepare to receive the sacrament of Eucharist.
We gather for a pitch in breakfast beginning at 8:30am in the cafeteria. Anything from casseroles to donuts to fruit is brought by our families. Our session will last from 9 – 10:15am.  Questions?  Contact Sharon at or (812)423-5209.

September Family Faith Formation News

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are burdened.” Mt. 11:23
People reaching for God and God reaching for people. We can’t get there on our own.

This month in Family Faith Formation as we learn about the virtue of faith, we have talked about St. Martha (sister of Lazarus), St. Jerome (hermit, helped translate the Bible) and St. Augustine (“Our hearts were made for you, O Lord. And they are restless until they rest in you.”)

What do the stories of these Saints tell us about living a life of faith?

Our next session is Sunday, September 24.
We have a pitch in breakfast from 8:30 – 9 am.
We continue with our session from 9 – 10:15 am.

Family Faith Formation News

Family Faith Formation
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Our first session will be on
Sunday, August 20th.

We welcome all families with children and any other adults who would be interested in learning more about your faith in an intergenerational setting. Here, we accept the wisdom of God moving in all of us. It is wonderful to hear the wisdom coming from people of many different ages and generations.

If you have a child in 2nd grade, you will be part of Family Faith Formation sessions as your child prepares for First Communion.