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Brenda Meyer

All Saints Parish Hires Justice Minister

February 23, 2023

All Saints Parish hires Brenda Meyer to lead our Justice Ministry Programs

When Brenda Meyer, retired after a 44-year career as a mental health provider, was approached about the All Saints Parish Justice Minister position, she responded that it should be a “justice saint”,

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Sunday Gospel Warm-up

February 16, 2023

Divine Perfection

Feb. 19 Mat 5:38-48

“Be as perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”, that is Jesus’ message to us this weekend. Our immediate response naturally is, “Really Jesus, you really expect us to be on that level,

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Tri-State Creation Care

2023 Tri-State Creation Care Conference

February 11, 2023

Saturday, Feb. 25, 9 am (CST) – Noon
At Aldersgate UMC, 5130 Lincoln Ave., Evansville

Keynote:  Hearing the Cry of the Earth, in the Din of the Day-to-Day by John Mundell,

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Sunday Gospel Warm-up

February 2, 2023

Let Your Light Shine

Feb. 5 Mat 5:13-16

Last Sunday, Jesus gave us the beatitudes, the foundation for the new covenant that has displaced Moses’ Ten Commandments. What follows is this week’s teaching,

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Community Events

A mass in honor Pope Benedict XVI

January 3, 2023

Bishop Siegel will celebrate a Memorial Mass for Pope Benedict XVI at 6 p.m. CST Friday, January 6, at St, Benedict Cathedral in Evansville. All are welcome to attend.

We will be posting about the Mass to social media in the coming days.

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Saints to Live By: St. Joseph the Steward

December 31, 2022

St. Joseph the Steward

Tracy Earl Welliver • Dec 23, 2022

St. Joseph is one of the greatest examples of stewardship we have in the Gospels. Here is a man who understands care and reverence for the property of God,

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Sunday Gospel Warm-up

December 29, 2022

True Faith

January 1

We revere Mary as the Mother of God this Sunday, but it’s good for us to remember the circumstances by which she began this journey. Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable and she had to wonder what kind of life she could offer this child. Her husband apparently had very little money and what little he did make was taxed heavily. They lived in a violent and turbulent time.

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Connect Sunday

December 23, 2022

The Grand Illusion

The Nativity of the Lord

Isaiah 52:7-10
Hebrews 1:1-6
John 1:1-18

We are easily misled. Media stories often leave us wondering what really happened. Faked photos of astounding things go ‘viral’ and many believe they are real.

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Sunday Gospel Warm-up

December 22, 2022

God is with us

Dec. 25 Lk 2:15-20

In Christmas, we celebrate God entering our earthly life in a new and powerful way. Jesus is the Emmauel or God with us.

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CMG Designer December 22 2022 3

Merry Christmas from All Saints Parish

December 22, 2022

Celebrate the Miracle of Christmas with us at All Saints Parish.

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Want to Talk?

December 22, 2022

All Saints Parish & BRIDGE
are offering a JustFaith Ministries small group program called:
Want to Talk? Communication Tools for Divided Times

I’m Brenda Meyer, Justice Minister at All Saints Parish.

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Sunday Gospel Warm-Up

December 8, 2022


Dec. 11, Mt 11:2-11

One guarantee of life is that it will always have its tribulations and challenges. It’s hard to maintain a sense of hope and optimism in difficult times.

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