Congregations Acting for Justice & Empowerment
…I by my works will show you my faith. James 2:14

Many of us are called to take action for justice, working to address the conditions that give rise to poverty, unequal treatment before the law, and other community problems such as housing, transportation, jobs, etc.

Our CAJE ministry holds several meetings throughout the year; these meetings help us identify the needs in our community and work toward a just resolution. (Meetings include the Listening Process, Organizers, Congregations, Researching & Cutting Issues, the Rally, the Action, Celebration & Investment Dinner.)   For more information, contact the CAJE office at 812-760-3811.

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CAJE Headlines

2022 CAJE Celebration

Thank You All Saints Parish for Your Commitment to Justice and Improving our Community!

CAJE Rally 2022

Watch the YouTube Recording of the 2022 CAJE Rally

We continue to work together to make a difference in our community!

CAJE Celebration – All Saints Parish was awarded trophy
for Highest Congregational Turnout at the Nehemiah Action!