Employment Opportunity

Director of Liturgical Music

The Director of Liturgical Music (DLM) facilitates the liturgical setting and music for liturgical celebrations at Saturday, 4 pm Mass and Sunday, 10:30 am Mass. All Saints Parish has two campuses – St. Joseph Church and
St. Anthony Church. St. Joseph Church has a Wicks pipe organ and St. Anthony Church has a Schaefer pipe organ.

REPORTS TO: Pastor/Administrator
DLM as Parish Music Director. The Director of Liturgical Music is responsible for:

  1. Coordinating the music ministry for 2 parish liturgies, Holy Days, Masses, funerals, weddings (as needed) and various feasts and various days throughout the year;
  2. Coordinate music programs/recitals held at All Saints;
  3. Assuming the role of leading musician (accompanist or choral director);
  4. Making creative choices of music and their judicious placement for liturgical celebrations;
  5. Recruiting and scheduling various music ministries (e.g., choirs, cantors, instrumentalists) and adjusting schedule as the need arises;
  6. Trains, directs and supervises choirs, instrumental ensembles and cantors. Including reporting to cantors and musicians special happenings during Mass, such as anointing, guest speakers, RCIA, etc.
  7. Prepares assembly for liturgies through rehearsals prior to liturgies, rehearsals with students in religious education programs;
  8. Have a working knowledge of the sound system.

DLM as Parish Liturgy Director. The Director of Liturgical Musicis responsible for:

  1. Securing proper copyrights for all worship participation aids;
  2. Working with the Director of Religious Education and staff to prepare for children’s liturgies;
  3. Preparing liturgy and music for funeral liturgies;  additional pay if accompanist for  funerals;
  4. Coordinate with weddings; to ensure copyright if needed; additional pay if accompanist for weddings;
  5. Communicate with organ/piano tuners in collaboration with current coordinator.

DLM as Educator. The Director of Liturgical Musicis responsible for educating the parish in music & liturgy according to the vision of the Second Vatican Council. This responsibility includes:

  1. Helping the parish grow in its understanding of the role of music in the liturgy;
  2. Helping the parish learn new liturgical adaptations & music at an appropriate pace;
  3. Serving as a resource to educate the parish council, Liturgy Commission, and pastoral staff;
  4. Serving as a resource person in liturgy & music for the religious education process;
  5. Fostering and developing the liturgical sense and musicianship of ministers and clergy;
  6. Coordinating workshops and concerts as needed.

DLM as Administrator. The Director of Liturgical Musicis responsible for:

  1. Making liturgy and music policies in conjunction with the Liturgy Commission and pastoral staff, taking into consideration Diocesan and national guidelines;
  2. Formulating a music and liturgy budget for the parish worship program;
  3. Developing and maintaining a liturgical music library of various styles and genres for assembly, choir, cantor and instrumentalists;
  4. Maintaining the parish’s musical instruments;
  5. Making recommendations for the purchase of instruments, sound equipment, missalettes, hymnals and church supplies;
  6. Making recommendations for renovations and new construction in conjunction with the parish building commission as needed;
  7. Securing other musicians as needed for special celebrations, such as Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, etc.

DLM as Person of Faith. As a pastoral minister, the Director of Liturgical Music has the responsibility to nurture his or her own faith in order to nurture the faith of others.


  1. A person willing to enter into the faith life of the community he/she serves & leads.
  2. Prudent balance of enthusiasm and patience, and an ability to work in collaboration with
  3. Formation
    a) Prefer a degree in music or experience.
    b) Musical leadership requires skills in the following areas: keyboard, voice and conducting, as well as contemporary instrumental ensembles, orchestration, handbells, children’s choirs, composition and familiarity with musical styles of various cultures of the community.
    c) A thorough understanding of Roman Catholic liturgical theology and praxis.
    d) A knowledge of the history and repertoire of sacred music.
    e) A willingness to keep informed of liturgical pastoral developments and to participate in continuing education to maintain and further musical expertise.
  4. The Director of Liturgical Music should demonstrate the ability to:
    a) Select and teach new music to the assembly;
    b) Develop the musicianship of cantors and other musicians;
    c) Nurture musicianship of the youth;
    d) Serve as a resource to parish as well as persons involved in other parish ministries;
    e) Provide liturgical guidance in sensitive pastoral situations, such as preparation of funerals;
    f) Lead and animate the community’s sung prayer;
    g) Administer a multifaceted liturgy & music program including planning, budgeting, scheduling and timely communication with other liturgical ministers.
    h) Work in collaboration with other ministers of the parish.

The Director of Liturgical Music normally is not expected to be present for all parish liturgies or work an indeterminate number of hours. However, he/she is expected to cover key services and work a total number of hours to be determined.

Interested applicants should email a cover letter and current resume to Sharon Vogler svogler@evdio.org.