Eucharistic Reflections

September 21, 2022

The Eucharistic Renewal in our diocese focuses on four goals:
1. BelieveFoster belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. 
2Worship: Foster attendance at Mass, as well as valuing Mass in its entirety.
3. Live: Encourage living in such a way so as to reflect the Eucharist in our daily lives.
4. Share: Encourage sharing the truth, beauty and goodness of Mass with others so that they in turn may be drawn to it.

As part of our participation in the Renewal, I will be sharing responses from members of the parish. I hope you will enjoy reading their thoughts, be encouraged by their thoughts, and be challenged to look at how you see and live the Eucharist as part of your life.

From a member of the parish…

1.  Why is it important to you to attend Mass? 
It is important for me to attend mass because I feel it’s a time that all our loved ones that have passed are with us and watching as we pray for them.

2.  What does it mean to you to receive the Eucharist/Body of Christ?
Receiving the body of Christ weekly is a reminder that Jesus is in my heart and I should go out for the week and show that to others that I encounter.

3. How does receiving the Eucharist/Body of Christ help you, change you, challenge you? 
It helps feel every Sunday is a way to start fresh. To ask for Forgiveness for the weeks short comings and remind me Jesus is in me and encouraging me to be the best I can be.

4.  How is your receiving the Eucharist/Body of Christ reflected in your life, shared with your world? 
I use this at work often. If times arise when I must deal with unkind people, I try and think that these people are Gods people just like me. I remind myself to take a moment to remember Jesus wants to treat all people kind.

5.  Other thoughts you’d like to share. 
All Saints is truly a place to come for a weekly renewal. Somehow every message speaks right to me and I walk out feeling good and ready to spread the kindness and love of God to others.