Everyday Stewardship

For all I know this Everyday Stewardship reflection is the last one you will ever read. That’s not because I fear you will no longer get something out of reading these. At least, I hope not! It is because Jesus may very well return by this time next week. Then there will be no more need for reflections like these in bulletins, on websites, or wherever else you are reading this. You think the odds are against this happening in the next few days? I can gamble from time to time but I guess this is not something I am willing to say won’t happen for sure. We do believe Jesus will come again, don’t we?

For all of us there are things we put off until tomorrow. Sometimes, that tomorrow never comes. We act like we have all the time in the world. However, time on this earth is for certain one thing that does not exist in unlimited supply. Death is the primary way earthly time ends for us. Yet there will come a time when Jesus returns and if you and I are still living at that time, I hope he finds us ready.

Are you ready for such an event? Have you taken seriously your decision to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? Has that decision moved you to live a life of stewardship where all you have and are belongs to God? Or have you put all of that off to somewhere down the road? Chances are you will be reading next week’s reflection and nothing too earth changing will have happened. But then, maybe, just maybe, this time is when we all lose that bet.

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS