Everyday Stewardship

My wife and I have three children. Each time we realized we would be having a child, thoughts ran through our minds about what this child would be like. Who would they become when they grew older? What would they like and dislike in this world? Would they grow in faith or struggle with truth?

As parents we were entrusted with these three gifts from God. We became stewards of these precious ones since they always truly belonged to him. We were able to help mold them and shape their lives, but we could not live their lives for them.

I bet the parents of Mary had many of the same concerns and dreams for their child. Yes, being born without original sin would give her a head start, I am sure, but she would still need to live her own life. No one could live it for her. Each decision would change her life’s path, even if just a little. In the end, we certainly know how important her decision to say yes was when it came her turn to be a parent.

Mary is a profound example of good stewardship living. As we live each day, we can look to her for inspiration. Her strength of character, her devotion to God, and her courage in the face of the unknown helped her to be the best steward possible of the gift of above all gifts, Jesus. As parents, look to Mary. As disciples, we need to look to her Son. As everyday stewards, we are called to say yes to all the rich gifts God has given us.

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS