Everyday Stewardship

Advent comes along every year and will continue to do so until Jesus returns. As this season draws to a close, we can each ask ourselves, “Am I now any better a disciple of Jesus Christ and more of a steward of all my gifts than before the Advent season started?” I have been on this earth for forty-plus years. I have had forty-plus Advents to draw closer to God and to work on taking more seriously my baptismal call. Some have gone better than others, but I would like to think my spiritual life progressed at least a small amount during each of them.

Conversion is a process. Stewardship is about a way of living and it is about more than simply being generous when a situation calls for it. Stewardship and conversion go hand-in-hand and we are always moving closer to holiness in Jesus Christ. Living in this way takes practice and commitment. If this Advent didn’t go as you had hoped, remember it is not really an end. It is just another step along your journey.

This Christmas, while you are giving and receiving gifts and hopefully spending time with those you love, may you take the time to cherish the true gift that came to us over two thousand years ago and continues to call to us to this day: Jesus. Let us be grateful beyond measure for this gift above all gifts, let us continue on our journey, and let our lives give testimony to the One who leads us.

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS