Everyday Stewardship

Sometimes we can feel like we are living the life of Job: everything is going wrong all at the same time. Everyone finds himself or herself in a valley once in awhile.  How we got there is not nearly as important as how are we going to get out.

Everyday stewards are called to be grateful for all things, large and small. It is easier to be grateful for obvious things like family, health, and life itself, than it is to look for the ordinary gifts in our life.  When we cultivate a sense of wonder and thankfulness for the many little things in life we find ourselves more resilient in times of trial. We can look out our window and see all those gifts in creation.  We can look around our home and see all the things people take too easily for granted.  Imagine life without some of the simplest things like clothing, warmth, water, and furniture.  There are people in this world that long for all of those things.  But God has given them for your benefit and for you to share with others.

Before Lent begins in a couple weeks, take the time to create a list of at least 10 things that you normally take for granted.  Keep that list handy and maybe add to it from time-to-time.  When life seems hard and that cloud seems to hang over our heads, bring out the list and let gratefulness lift you up and out of your plight so that once again you can be about your Father’s work.

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS