Everyday Stewardship

If you witnessed a miracle, wouldn’t you want to tell everyone?  If you saw the sun dance in the sky, a crippled man walk, or the Virgin Mary appear in front of you, wouldn’t you just want to shout about it from a rooftop so all could hear?  Maybe you would be afraid others would not believe you.  You might choose instead to keep it to yourself to avoid criticism and ridicule.  At least, if you saw a miracle, you would have a choice: to tell or not to tell.

Yet, at every Mass we witness a miracle.  We witness bread and wine as it becomes the true presence of Jesus Christ.  It isn’t a saint or Mary appearing before us; it is actually Jesus!  When was the last time you told anybody about that miracle?

It might not be easy for us to always talk about our faith, but we can show them.  When we receive the Eucharist into our bodies, we become one with Christ.  We go forth from the Mass as a living testimony of the miracle that occurred at Mass.  People will not be able to simply look at us and see the evidence.  We need to demonstrate to them the reality of this miracle by our good deeds and profound acts of charity.  That is stewardship.  That is bearing witness to the truth of our God being truly present to us. It is something we should want to share with everyone.

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS