Everyday Stewardship

When I was a teenager, I had an experience that truly changed my life and helped me to give Jesus all of myself.  I had been baptized Catholic and always had faith, but it took a specific event to really shake me out of the comfort of my life and set me on a path devoted to God.  I didn’t get knocked off a horse or find an open tomb, but for me it was powerful enough to make a huge impact.

Testimonies of how people came to live as intentional disciples have great power.  Often the stories do not include singular events or people; instead they speak of a gradual unfolding of faith.  It is often the culmination of several events and the work of more than one person that brings a person to the point of real decision.

Living as good stewards, we can help move people forward in their journey with God.  Giving of ourselves freely can move human hearts like few other forces.  God working through us can bring others to see that simply saying that Jesus is the Savior of the world does not mean we live our lives differently.   It takes more thought and reflection on our part to move past words to intentional acts with intentional results.  I don’t know if all those involved in that event when I was a teenager knew what an effect their good stewardship would have on me, but I am so thankful they provided a way for God to touch me.  I have spent my entire life trying to pay them back by allowing God to touch others through me.  Just what person might God touch through you today?

 —Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS