Everyday Stewardship

In the Church we like to build things. We build churches, parish centers, schools, and many more brick-and-mortar structures to carry on with our mission. We also build things that are not as tangible. We build engagement. We try to increase the offertory. We work to increase the number of people in programs. We try to fill more seats on a Sunday. Hopefully, we do all these things to help fulfill our mission, which is to bring people to Jesus Christ and assist them in becoming mature and intentional disciples. But having spent over twenty years in parish ministry, I realize that is not always the case.
As individuals we can fall prey to the same temptations as a parish community. We begin to lose sight of why we live a stewardship way of life and why we were called in our baptism to share with others the good news. We compete with others, much like a parish sometimes competes with the parish across town. We may find ourselves doing things without thought or reflection, performing these tasks simply because that is what we have always done. Finally, we may limit our role in God’s plan because we fear not having the time, talent, or money to accomplish what God has asked of us. We become more practical and less trusting in God’s promises. 
The reality is that there will come a day when all our churches, parish centers, and schools will be no more. All we have stored up as communities and individuals will cease to exist. All that will remain is God and those who love him. We can never lose sight of why we do what we do: eternal life with Jesus Christ. Will there be a list at the end of your life of all those you helped lead to the Father? I do not know. But if there is one, my prayer for each of us is that it is very, very long.
Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS