Everyday Stewardship

Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media can be powerful tools of communication. They allow people to stay in touch. They provide an avenue for fresh ideas. People can be engaged in conversations and be exposed to issues of the day in ways few could have dreamed of just a few decades ago. But social media can also give the false sense of really knowing someone, when only the surface has been scratched about who a person is in reality.
You don’t really know someone just because you know a lot about him or her and are linked to a profile online. Unfortunately, people develop emotional attachments to the idea of a person all the time. If they do find themselves fortunate enough to meet the person face-to-face one day, they can often find out they never really knew the person in the first place. 
There are people who believe they know Jesus so very well. They can readily share their view of what Jesus would do or wouldn’t do in a given situation. They own items like crosses and Bibles that seem to provide evidence of this person they know so well. Sometimes, they even strongly admonish others because their view of Jesus is certainly not in line with their own.
But in Luke 13, Jesus speaks about those who claim to know him, but they really do not belong to him at all. They make claims based upon what they have seen and heard, but they have never allowed Jesus to truly change them. They are like Facebook followers; seemingly close, but with no real relationship at all.
Do you know Jesus? Don’t just be a fan. Invite Jesus into your life and let the real relationship begin.
Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS