Everyday Stewardship

Pope Francis has begun this Jubilee Year of Mercy because, as he has stated, mercy is “the beating heart of the Gospel.” He states that the purpose of the year is to “reach everyone, both believers and those far away, as a sign that the Kingdom of God is already present in our midst!” This is a profound statement because he is saying that mercy is for all humanity, not just those who are Christ’s disciples, and we are not a people waiting for a coming kingdom, for the kingdom of God is already in our midst.
When John the Baptist was speaking to his followers he spoke about showing mercy to others by giving away your second coat and not collecting more from others than what they owe you. But how much greater that mercy needs to be now that we live in a world redeemed by the power of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection! Certainly, the principles of stewardship can assist us in truly being fruitful in this jubilee year.
As good everyday stewards, we should not only see the second coat as something we should give away, but indeed the first coat is not truly ours either. For it would not exist except for the generosity of our God. Since we are only stewards of all we have instead of owners, our ability to be generous greatly increases. We then begin to see that we have many tools at our disposal to offer mercy to those in need. This year we have the chance to really put into practice that which we claim to be true. As mature disciples we are to answer God’s call regardless of the cost. During this jubilee year may we now more than ever offer ourselves freely to do his will.
Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS