Everyday Stewardship

We often say in the Church that stewardship is about the three Ts, time, talent, and treasure, but really, stewardship is about the big “E,” which is everything. We are made up of more than just our time, talent, and treasure, and the gifts that come from God are overwhelming. All that we have, from the obvious to the not so obvious, is a gift from God. We are called to cultivate them all and offer them back to God with increase.

But that also means holding nothing back. That requires a stepping out in faith. Our trust then cannot be in the gifts God gives, since we have hopefully given them all over to God. Only in God can we place our trust. Our homes, our 401(k)s, our family, and our bodies all belong to God. With nothing left, we have nothing and no one else to put our trust in but God.

If you find yourself unable to place all of your trust in God, perhaps you are still holding something back. Is your comfort found in something other than God? It is pretty common for Christians to “hide something away” while saying they are all in. But of course, nothing is hidden from God. Pray about it and ask God to grant the strength to surrender all to him. We are asked to trust in God, but really, true trust is a fruit that comes about when we have had the courage to surrender it all. Trust is just a word if we continue to serve two masters. The great thing is that not only will God not turn away from us, God will also help us turn toward him. You may be asked to surrender it all, but you are never alone.

Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS
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