Everyday Stewardship

When I think about the story of the Samaritan woman at the well, I think of my father. This Gospel reading that we use every year for the First Scrutiny of the RCIA was always my favorite to discuss with those who would be baptized in just a few weeks at the Easter Vigil. Not that many years ago, my father was one of those elect. That year, the story was more powerful than ever.

The woman went frequently to the well looking to get the water that would sustain her body. But in the story, Jesus tells her of a different kind of water, one that gives life and quenches even the driest of thirsts. The story tells us that she put down her water jar and ran to the town telling of her encounter with the One who may be the Christ. She left that jar at the well. She did not need it anymore.

I encounter people all the time that spend their days going up the hill to draw water. They are tired and spent. My father was one of those. But with the gift of baptismal water, that constant chore is now over. There is no need to travel up that hill.

This Lent, if you are one of the baptized, reclaim the gift of your baptism. Stop climbing that hill in search of something that can only quench your thirst temporarily. You encountered Christ and have the everlasting, living water already. Put down that water jar. Your new life has only just begun.

Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS  © Liturgical Publications Inc