Everyday Stewardship

It took five years of marriage before I was ready to have that first baby. Of course, now that I have three children I cannot imagine a life without them. After twenty-five years, I cannot imagine life without my wife as well.

And I know that I am lucky. I know those who have lost children or have been widowed. They couldn’t imagine life without their loved ones either.

The tough reality to digest is that we don’t own those whom we love. They are all gifts from God, entrusted to each of us as good stewards. If we cling too tightly, we become like the steward who buried his talents in the ground. If we don’t care enough, we become like the prodigal son who squandered his gifts on gambling and frivolous living.

But can we love our loved ones too much? I am not sure it is possible to love others too much if it is genuine love. However, if we truly love them, then we will want to lead them to the One that gave them to us in the first place: God. We do that by demonstrating that no one comes before God in our lives, not even our family.

In this world, our loved ones make living meaningful. But this world is not the end. As much as we love them here, our ultimate goal is for them to live eternally with God. May my wife and kids never think I chose them over God, so that they may choose God over all else, as well.
—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS