Everyday Stewardship

How many public self-storage facilities can you find in your city or town? They seem to be popping up everywhere. One day I was talking to my neighbor and he was explaining that he just wanted to have his garage back again. He was thinking about moving everything to a storage unit so he could gain what he wanted more than all that stuff: space. We talked about the fact that if he chose to follow through with it there was no shortage of places to house all of it. Of course, we also agreed that it would be better to simply let go of all it. He could sell it or give it away. But, of course, it was good stuff! So good, in fact, one was tempted to rent a whole new space to house it!

I am not against stuff in principle, but I do realize that stuff can become a stumbling block to real freedom. Sometimes our possessions take on an importance that begins to dictate how we act or how we give of ourselves to God and others. An everyday steward seeks detachment from things of this world that will one day pass away. Things that we possess should be seen as pathways into experiences that glorify God, whether they allow us to serve others, enrich our lives lived daily for God, or even help make leisure and recreation time resting in God’s presence easier. But the simpler the life, the fewer distractions there are from focusing on those we love and our relationship with God. And besides, do you really think a monthly payment to house stuff you don’t really need is the best stewardship way of life?

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS