Everyday Stewardship ~ Recognize God in Your Ordinary Moments

What have been the most significant moments in your life? You probably celebrate your birthday every year, so the day you were born must be pretty important. How about elementary, high school, or college graduations? Hopefully you do something special on or around your wedding anniversary if you are married. Do you have children? The birth of each child is probably near the top on the list of moments you will never forget. Then there are the sad moments of life: deaths, breakups, and tragedies. As you reflect on all these moments, you can see that you would not be who you are today without having experienced them. Of course as a Christian, you have one moment in time that has had an even greater impact on you and perhaps it didn’t even come to mind: your Baptism.

You might say you don’t remember it because you were an infant. Perhaps you do not even know the date it took place. You might not feel like it has had much impact on you at all. However, it has made all the difference. 
Whether you feel the difference or not, on that day you were made a new creation in Jesus Christ. You were marked for Him with an indelible mark that no one can remove, not even you. On that day, you inherited a tradition and lineage of faith that has changed the face of the earth. Today, that baptismal grace beckons you to a real and substantial relationship with the One whose name was invoked on that day. It also calls you to respond with a stewardship way of life, where your gifts make a difference and glorify God. If today is the day you start taking all this seriously, you get to add a new moment to your list.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

¿Cuáles son los momentos mas significativos en su vida? Probablemente celebre su cumpleaños cada año; ese día debe ser importante. ¿Qué tal su educación primaria, secundaria, universitaria? Espero que sienta importancia en su aniversario. ¿Tiene hijos? Sus nacimientos probablemente son muy importantes. Y también hay momentos tristes: la muerte, romper con un novio/novia y las tragedias. Cuando reflexione en todos esos momentos, puede ver que no sería usted quien es hoy sin haber experimentado esos momentos. Por supuesto, como cristiano, tiene un momento en su vida que es aun más significativo que quizás no ha considerado: su bautizo. 

Puede ser que no se recuerde porque era bebé. Quizá no sepa cuándo fue. Quizá no piense ese momento tan significativo como otros. Sin embargo, hace toda la diferencia. 

Sienta una diferencia o no, ese día usted se convirtió en una nueva creación en Jesucristo. Fue marcado para Él con una marca que nadie le puede quitar, ni usted. En ese día, usted heredó una tradición de fe que ha cambiado la faz del mundo. Hoy, la gracia del bautismo le llama a una verdadera y sustantiva relación con Dios. También le llama a responder con corresponsabilidad, dando de sus dones para glorificar a Dios. Si hoy es el día que toma en serio esto, tiene que agregar esto a la lista de momentos más significativos de su vida.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS