Faith & Racial Justice

August 10, 2021

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Program Goals…
Faith & Racial Justice: Changing Systems and Structures invites participants to formulate their own Christian-rooted responses to racism in their churches, workplaces, and communities.

Faith and Racial Justice turns a group of individuals into a community rooted in trust and compassion.
Through new learning from articles, videos, and resource books, it lends new insights to participants’ awareness of privilege and racism. By encouraging new spiritual practices and informed action, it cultivates an expanding community of Christians who work to dismantle racism in their respective contexts.

“Transformative is the single word that comes to mind. This program challenges us to deal with (and not just examine) the reality of racial injustice on individuals, families, and communities as well as entire segments of our country…” – John L., Participant

This program consists of eight 2½ hour sessions, as well as an opening retreat and immersion experience.
All sessions include prayer, active listening, and relationship-building.

For more information, feel free to visit the Just Faith website at and see the “Racial Justice” tab.

Faith & Racial Justice: Changing Systems and Structures will be offered in person (virtually via Zoom if the Covid reality changes) through All Saints Parish beginning in September 2021.

Cost for the program is $30 or $40 depending on whether you need the book 40 Days of Prayer. The cost covers the cost of books and any support materials. Internet access is required since some reading material is only available online and we MAY be meeting via Zoom. 

Sessions options: 
ALL participants MUST attend the Opening Retreat on Saturday, September 25th from 8:30 am – 5 pm.

Location to be determined.

 Retreat on Saturday, September 25

October 18October 6October 16
October 25October 13October 23
November 1October 20October 30
November 8October 27November 6
November 15November 3November 13
November 22November 10November 20
November 29 ImmersionNovember 17  ImmersionDecember 4  Immersion
December 6December 1December 11
December 13December 15December 18

December 8 is feast of the Immaculate Conception – Holy Day of Obligation

If you are interested in participating in this program, please download and complete the form below. Indicate first, second AND third choices of sessions offered. 
We will offer the sessions based on the number of participants. 
We will contact you before the Retreat.

Please return your completed form to
Sharon Vogler    All Saints Parish
704 N 1st Avenue
Evansville, IN  47710   

Or email completed form to Sharon Vogler at 

Questions?  Contact Sharon Vogler at 812.423.5209 or   OR  Emma Jean Couture  at  812.457.4854 or

We welcome first time Just Faith program participants as well as those who have previously joined us in Just Faith programs!

The Just Faith program is structured with reading that needs to be done before each session.  The sessions always involve prayer and discussion and often additional online information.  We hope to provide a printed copy of the participant packet and handouts for those who read better from paper than online.     

Faith & Racial Justice Registration Form