February 22nd

Who Here Needs Your Help?

Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are mem­bers of my family, you did it to me. —Matthew 25:40

My parents lived 2,000 miles away when I had my first child. My baby Madeleine spent her days and nights screaming with colic while I suffered from postpartum depression. My friends Sharon and Randall checked in on me every day, cooked food, took Madeleine out for walks so I could nap, and bought her cute clothes and hair bows. As they cared for us, I was aware they were not with their daughter and first grandchild who lived out-of-state. When I commented on it once, Sharon replied, “If I can’t be with my daughter and grandchild there, I can help the daughter and grand­child who is here right now.”

Maybe we can’t physically be with all of our loved ones right now. Perhaps we can’t visit our children or grandchildren, or we don’t see our co-workers in person anymore. Maybe we can’t get together with our friends and other parishioners. If we can’t be Christ in person for them, who are the people in our daily lives right now whom God is calling us to feed, clothe, welcome, visit, or heal?

FOR ACTION: What tangible thing can you do today to be Christ for someone who is struggling right now?