February 24th

Always a Good Prayer

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and steadfast spirit with­in me. —Psalm 51:10

We could recite this verse from the psalms every day of the year, not just during Lent, and it alone would serve us well. We may or may not have a grievous offense on our hearts that we need washed away, but there will always be other shadows in our hearts that God can cleanse us of: discour­agement, irritation, impatience, or cynicism, to name a few. Likewise, we know that some days our spirits falter, and we are shaky with fear or worry. Yet even on our strongest days when we are fortunate enough to be graced with a solid sense of faith and trust, God can always strengthen our spirits even more.

FOR PRAYER: Repeat this verse mindfully for a few minutes, trusting that God will do what you ask.