All Saints Parish Photo Gallery

Father Jay’s Retirement Celebration

Second Scrutiny – We pray with and for the Elect as they prepare to join our parish faith family at Easter.

Welcome to the Church Family

Our 2023 Catechumens & Candidate

Children’s Liturgy Feb 26, 2023

Children’s Choir

CAJE Team Meeting – Feb 2023

Children’s Liturgy

Ash Wednesday 2023

A-Men’s Club 2023 Pancake Breakfast

Blessing Weekend – Feb 11 & 12, 2023

Family Faith Formation – February 5, 2023

Rite of Acceptance – Jan 2023

Elijah’s Baptism

Caroling at Columbia Health Center

Children’s Christmas Pageant at St. Joseph

Christmas Mass at St. Anthony Church

Confirmation of Toan Nguyen

Women in Ministry Celebrating Christmas

Trimming the Trees at St. Joseph

Family Faith celebrates 2nd week of Advent

Family Faith Formation used Advent Learning Centers on Sunday, December 4th.  The families moved through each of the four Centers learning something about Advent.  

The four Centers included: 
Making a family Advent Wreath * St. Nicholas’ Coin Toss,
The Story of John the Baptist * Advent Hopscotch.

Breakfast with St. Nick

2nd Week of Advent at St. Joseph Church

Family Faith Formation is Thankful

Women’s in Ministry Retreat to the Grotto

We had a wonderful lunch and saw Sr. Jackie and Sr. T in person which is always a plus.

We sang songs, learned about the rosary origin, and we then went to the grotto.  We prayed the rosary and opened our hearts to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

We returned back to wrap up and Fatima handed out books for us all to take with us to continue our journey.

God is so good to us and we are so very thankful. 

Children’s Choir – Join us!

Justice Pilgrims went to Mt. Vernon

Mighty Hands at Work

2022 Fall Festival Fun

2022 Parish Picnic Gallery of Photos