Gospel Meditation

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Ten were cleansed, were they not? Where are the other nine?” Jesus had worked a miracle of healing for ten people afflicted with leprosy. They had cried out for him to have pity on them, and he did. But only one member of this group took the time to return to Jesus, fall at his feet, and thank him. Why?

Perhaps some were so busy rejoicing that they forgot to give thanks. Perhaps others thought they deserved to be healed and thus did not think in terms of gratitude for the miracle. Maybe some in the group weren’t sure that the healing was going to last. Or, possibly, some of them were just selfish and lazy. Whatever the case, Jesus affirms the one man who does the right thing: “Stand up and go; your faith has saved you.” Jesus thus establishes this Samaritan man as our example. We too are to glorify “God in a loud voice” for all that he has done for us.

So, what exactly has God done for us? What are the miracles in our lives that we have failed to notice, to believe, or to appreciate? Undoubtedly the answers will be different for everyone, with one main exception: we are all called to give thanks for the gift of life, of course. This is the first miracle God worked on our behalf! Bringing us into existence to live and love is a gift we might tend to take for granted. But surely, we can be thankful for more.

We would all do well to reflect on the multitude of God’s gifts in our lives. Sometimes we have to pause long enough to think and recognize those things we should be grateful for. But a little effort in this regard is well worth it to avoid being like the ungrateful lepers. Instead, may we be the ones who give thanks where thanks is due.