Gospel Meditation

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
“The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”
  Jesus gives us a simple moral principle in today’s Gospel.  He speaks about two kinds of love: love of God and love of neighbor.  He tells us that all the other laws and teachings of our faith fall under these two headings.  So if we can master these, we will be in good spiritual shape!

First of all, regarding the love of God, Jesus tells us in essence that we must love God completely and entirely, with our whole being—heart, soul, and mind.  If we are holding back from a full commitment to God, then we are falling short of this vision.  So we would do well to examine ourselves and find those trouble spots where we are hesitant to give God everything.  Is there a relationship we hold in our heart that is somehow separating us from God, either by negative association, lingering bitterness, or a kind of idol-worship of the relationship itself? What about our souls?  Are we deeply attached to any pastimes, pleasures, or pursuits that cloud our soul from clearly welcoming the presence of God?  An examination of our minds is in order as well.  How do we direct our thoughts?  Do we strive to form our conscience and understanding in the truth, or do we passively allow public opinion or popular consensus to direct our conclusions about the Church, the world, and our own identity?

It follows that the closer we come to loving God with our whole being, the better we will be at loving our neighbors.  The more we are filled with God’s love, the more that love radiates out to those around us, and the less we concern ourselves about what we can get out of the deal.  So let us truly love God, and all the rest will follow.