Gospel Meditation

The Nativity of the Lord
“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ” Merry Christmas! Jesus is born!  Today we rejoice that this new life, this infant God, has come to be “the light of the human race.”  He is here to shine in the darkness of our sin and sadness, to bring joy and peace in place of sorrow.  We celebrate this day with all the energy we have because we know that Christmas truly means good news!

Many of us have topped our trees with a bright star that helps to light up our homes, especially at nighttime.  These stars should be more than just plastic decorations, however!  They should also shine as reminders to us of the Star of Bethlehem that announced the coming of Christ.  What better way to welcome the Light of the World than with that magnificent star?

And just as the Magi found their way to Jesus by following the light of that star, so we too have a heavenly guide to follow: Jesus himself!  We have his words and teachings recorded for us in Scripture, his actions and directives preserved through the Tradition of the Church, and the guidance of his Spirit to assist us along the way.  And all of these gifts are ours because of Christmas!  Because the “Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”

As we exchange gifts with our loved ones on this special day, may we remember all of these wonderful things we have already received.  And may we strive to give to our family and friends not only the treasures that come in boxes and bags, but also a share in the greatest gifts of God: forgiveness, mercy and the unconditional love that brings joy enough to last the whole year through.

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