Gospel Meditation

2nd Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

“He first found his own brother Simon and told him, ‘We have found the Messiah.’”  After spending the day in the company of Christ, Andrew took action.  He shared the good news!  Instead of keeping his newfound friendship with Jesus all to himself, Andrew invited his brother into the fold.  Andrew found Simon and “brought him to Jesus.”  This was no small matter because Simon would become Peter, the first pope!  How important it is to bring others along with us to meet Christ!

Yet, how often do we reach out with the kind of confidence that Andrew had?  Are we ready and willing to share our faith with our family and friends?  Do we consider our relationship with Jesus a gift to be shared, or a fact to be safely hidden away in our personal prayer corner?

Part of our call as Christians is to evangelize others, to share with them the good news of salvation.  Loving Jesus and following his moral commands is essential, of course, but it is not the end of the story.  The Gospel message is meant for all people, and we are meant to be its messengers.  Sometimes this requires us to step out of our comfort zone.  It may mean speaking up when we’d rather be silent. It may mean inviting someone to Mass when they might say no.  But it might also mean a conversion for someone we care about.  It might mean a new minister for the Church.  Ultimately, it might mean another saint in heaven.

None of that is up to us, however.  What we can control is only whether we share our faith joyfully and extend the invitation to others to experience the peace that comes from knowing Christ.