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Crossing the Railroad Tracks: A Conversation about the history of race and housing in Evansville.

Join us on February 18, 2023 from 1 – 3 pm at Evansville African American Museum on 579 S Garvin St in Evansville for a Conversation about the history of race and housing in Evansville.

Kelly Coures, with the City of Evansville, will discuss the impact of events in Evansville’s racial housing history. Visit the All Saints Parish website for more information. SIGN UP TODAY

Pilgrimage to watch the Movie “Till”

Nine Justice Pilgrims meet October 30th to watch the movie Till about Emmitt Till’s mother’s journey for justice for her son’s murder in 1955. We found the message disturbing about how hate harms in so many ways. It is well worth seeing, but be prepared to experience strong emotions and to be stunned even 67 years later. 

Pilgrimage to Mt. Vernon

Mt Vernon Indiana historical marker and bench dedication

Bonnie Wink, Rita Eades, Kathy Reitz, Bartell Berg, Brenda Meyer , Rich Couture and Emma Jean Couture witnessed the dedication of a new historical marker and bench on the courthouse grounds at Mt. Vernon, Indiana on October 23, 2022.

The ceremony makes us all aware of the events that occurred in October 1878 when 7 men were denied justice and murdered by  mob violence. A young 17 year old student , Sophie Kloppenburg, made this her research study and pressed for the men to be remembered, ultimately getting the County  Commissioners to approve a proper memorial.

It was remarkable that with little promotion people came forward to attest to this event and make it a part of our shared history. The crowd was too large to all fit into the room where speeches were made explaining the events and the importance of remembering. But all were able to participate in the outdoor portion.  

Pilgrim Meeting

Sixteen pilgrims of the Faith and Justice Pilgrimage to St. Louis met to talk about their experience October 20. A pilgrim is supposed to visit, pray, and be changed by the places they visit. So, we talked about what we expected from the experience, how we were touched by various events throughout the day and what impact that had on us. We learned that we have been exposed to new ways of seeing or thinking about the world around us.

Our group is considering ways we can continue deepening our faith and increasing our commitment to seek social justice. Here are upcoming events you may want to consider:

October 30 – Get a ticket for the 4:00 pm showing of the movie Till at AMC on the westside. Watch the true story of Emmett Till’s mother’s 14 year journey to get justice for the death of her son, Emmett Till and then meet us for a discussion at Hacienda afterwards. Contact Brenda Meyer at 812-457-5529 or bmeyer@evdio.org.

November 5 –Crossroads Christian Church, at 10800 Lincoln Avenue, is offering a Poverty Simulation exercise starting at 9:00 a.m. Contact John Heflick at 812-858-8668 for more information.

All Saints and Mt. Olive Galilee Pilgrimage committee is starting to plan for future pilgrimages based on the St. Louis pilgrim’s feedback. We have started planning for a 1-day pilgrimage in late spring 2023 to Cincinnati to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. There is interest in traveling south to Atlanta, Selma, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Memphis in a longer 3 or 4 day pilgrimage in the fall of 2023. We expect to offer shorter ½ day programs to the African American Museum and other locally important justice sites as well. More information to come.

Pilgrimage to St. Louis

Group photo of our St. Louis Pilgrims

Pilgrimage: Faith & Justice Trip to St. Louis

Pilgrimages: Links & Pictures of our tour spots

St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church
Old Courthouse at Gateway Arch National Park
Podcast about the St. Louis Memorial to honor enslaved people