Healthy Eating & Active Living Program

The Health Ministry Team held its sixth session of the Faithful Family Curriculum for the Healthy Eating and Active Living Program on Sunday, February 25.  We had 16 participants and 3 health ministry team members at the program.  Participants learned about choosing more fruits and vegetables.  Eating across the colors of the rainbow with our fruits and vegetables.  Participants were also able to sample new recipes of stir fry with homemade sauce.  The incentive this week was a colander.  Our door prize winner was Laura Ackerman who won a set of coasters.  Kellie Hammett won the wok.  Next week on Sunday, March 3, participants will learn about smart drink choices. The sample recipe will be fruit smoothies.  The upgrade incentive will be a water bottle, the drawing will be for a blender, and the door prize will be coasters.  We have two sessions left after combining weeks eight and nine due to scheduling conflicts.  The class will be held in the Father Niehaus Room directly after 10:30 a.m. Mass.  Photos by Charlotte Connerton

Participants Kellie Hammett, Laura Ackerman, Mike Wathen, and Rich Couture enjoying the active
movement of balloon toss of naming that fruit and vegetable of the alphabet.

Health Ministry Team Member Elizabeth Ramos who has been delivering our content with participant,
Mike Nunn.

Health Team Members Carolyn Koch and Mary Berendes serving up the stir fry and brown rice to
participants. Stir fry and rice prepared by Health Team Member Charlotte Connerton.

Enjoying our time together: participants seated left to right Janet Levell, Rhonda Turner, Gina Tucker,
Joe Davis. Standing: Joan Nunn, Mike Nunn, Mike Wathen, Mark Mitsdarffer.