Healthy Eating & Active Living

UPGRADE is a simple lifestyle change that can have lasting health benefits through healthy eating and active living (HEAL) by connecting the church and individuals to the community.

We will be offering a 9-week session on simple lifestyles changes beginning Sunday, January 21 following the 10:30 am Mass in the Father Niehaus Room.  Here is an overview of the lessons:

Week # Lesson Name
1: 1/21 Plan: Know What’s for Dinner Eating Smart at Home
2: 1/28 Shop: Get the Best for Less Eating Smart at Home
3: 2/4 Shop for Value, Check the Facts Eating Smart at Home
4: 2/11 Fix it Fast, Eat at Home Eating Smart at Home
5: 2/18 Fix it Safe Eating Smart at Home
6: 2/25 Choosing More Fruits and Vegetables Eating Smart at Home
7: 3/4 Making Smart Drink Choices Eating Smart on the Run
8: 3/11 Choosing to Move More Moving More, Every Day, Watching Less
9: 3/18 Making the Connection Making the Connection

It is strongly encouraged that you attend all sessions as each session builds upon the previous week.  Each week we will be giving away incentives for each participant: dry and liquid measuring cups, measuring spoons, shopping pad, cutting boards, water bottles, and after the program is complete a cookbook.  Door prizes will be each week: homemade microwave zappers, bowl pot holders, and coasters. If you attend the first three sessions, your name will be put in a drawer for a bigger incentive during weeks four through 8 such as a blender, mixer, etc.
It is not too late to join the program, just contact the Parish Office and join us in the Father Niehaus Room directly after 10:30 a.m. Mass.