Live the Liturgy

Does your celebration of the Eucharist ever transform you? Today we are presented with the story of what happened on the road to Emmaus. The disciples are simply journeying with Jesus, whom they do not recognize, talking about all that happened over the past days. They were quite bewildered as they did not know what to think about the empty tomb. Each year, we gather to celebrate the Resurrection and many of us wonder, what does it all mean? Jesus journeys with us every moment of our lives, yet we often do not recognize him. When we gather each week, the word of God, the homily that is preached, and the Eucharist that is received all help us lift the veil that often hides the wonder, power, and presence of God. Will you be open today to being taught, led, and transformed by Christ? He is walking with us, eager to open our eyes so that we can see.