Live the Liturgy

Did you ever wonder why so many images of a shepherd show him with a sheep around his neck? When sheep wander, they need to learn who to follow. A good shepherd realizes that in order for the animal to do this, there must be a bond so tight that they then “smell” like each other and the sheep can recognize the scent. Jesus has us around his neck. He wants us to follow him; not just his teachings, but in the relationship with his Father. Jesus shows us, by his life, suffering, death, and resurrection what we ought to do to be fully human and live as children of God. By bonding with those most poor and vulnerable, Jesus calls us to do the same and desires to be our Good Shepherd. As you worship here today, keep in mind an image of Jesus carrying you around his neck. He wants you to recognize him so that you can follow, especially when we find ourselves wandering away.