Live the Liturgy ~ Inspiration for the Week

The love relationship that exists among the Persons of the Holy Trinity is both intense and intimate. As beautiful as this teaching is, it demonstrates how human language really pales in trying to capture the essence of God. The Father brings us to the creative, powerful, yet gently meticulous part of God who has brought mountains and hills into being, as well as each of his children. Still the Father is more than this. The Son demonstrates the unconditional love of God filled with endless mercy and compassion. This love really understands the journey of the marginalized and the poor and has no use for created powers and structures that alienate and hurt people. But the Son is even more than this. The Holy Spirit is the breath of God who teaches wisdom and brings understanding, who governs the seasons and discerns the thoughts of human hearts. Yet the Holy Spirit is still more than this. We worship a God who is beyond and also intimately bonded to all that he has made, without whom nothing could be sustained in being. Praise the Holy Trinity!

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