March 13th


Come, let us return to the Lord. —Hosea 6:1

Thinking back to a year ago, where did your faith stand then compared to now? For many of us, this year has resulted in a “return to the Lord” that might not have happened if it weren’t for the pandemic. It has stripped us of so many luxuries and things we took for granted that we have been left to re-embrace the essentials in life. Deeper connections with those close to us, rootedness in our locality (we can’t go far), the beauty in simplicity (homemade dinner, again), and more hours to rest, reflect, and pray have come to the forefront. We might not have even noticed that we had strayed from God and God’s desires for how we live until the virus reminded us that we don’t have control over our lives.

There have been some hard and painful lessons this past year, and we are still learning them. We join with people of faith down through all the ages, including those in Hosea’s time, who might not have remembered how much we need the Lord if a disaster hadn’t befallen them. Let’s be grateful that the wake-up call of the virus has reoriented us toward God and others.

FOR REFLECTION: Has the pandemic helped you to “return to the Lord”? If so, how? If not, what might be the invitation in it for you?