March 20th

How Is Your Lent Going?

Now that we are at the end of the fourth week of Lent, this is an excellent time to review the past few weeks. How has this season been for you? Have you felt yourself in a desert wilderness? How so? Has it felt like a desert because it has been a time of dryness and thirsting? Or has it been a period in the wilderness when you have been able to more easily hear God’s voice because of the quiet and stillness? Does that image resonate with how this past year has been as we have lived through a worldwide pandemic?

If you committed to any particular prayer, fasting, and almsgiving practice for this season, how has that been going? Have you been able to main­tain your commitments? Have you changed them? Do you feel the need to re-commit to anything, or make any shift going forward for the last two weeks of Lent? What have the graces been so far?

FOR ACTION: Share with someone else how your Lenten commitment(s) have been going and what you would like to commit to for the last two weeks of Lent. Ask them about their Lenten experience so far.