March 30th

God Needs Us to be a Light

I will give you as a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth. —Isaiah 49:6b

When I was a child growing up Catholic, I bristled a little at the concept of Jews being God’s “Chosen Ones.” Having three siblings, I was well-ac­quainted with their charges of favoritism against my parents, so to me that sure sounded like God showing favoritism. When I was older, a Jewish friend explained that being the “Chosen People” doesn’t mean that God has favorites or that God loves Jews any more than God loves Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc. Being the Chosen People meant that God gave Jews the responsibility of being “a light to the nations” so that others would come to know God. As a people, they were called to be a beacon of justice and compassion in a world that is so often unjust and cruel.

As Christians, we now have inherited that same responsibilityto be a light to the nations, a light in our communities, a light in our work worlds, in our neighborhoods, and our families. When it is so easy to see the dark­ness in the world, God asks us to be a light that shines so that others will want to know about the God we worship.

FOR PRAYER: Ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you today to be a light to others in whatever way the Spirit wants to use you, even if you never find out how you brought light into someone’s darkness.