March 3rd


Into your hand I commit my spirit; you have redeemed me, O Lord, faithful God. —Psalm 31:5

Americans in the year 2021 like to be in control; we are not people who naturally surrender our lives to God. It has not been easy to give up control over so many aspects of our lives this past year: when our children can go back to school, when we can visit family members across the country, when we can open our business again, or even when we can get together with friends in person and inside again. Maybe we have been too busy chafing about not being in control to surrender ourselves more freely to God and how God is working among us in this time of a worldwide pan­demic. God IS redeeming us, even amidst the inconveniences and heart­ache of this year. More home-cooked family meals, less hectic schedules, deeper connections to neighbors and local friends, the discovery of a new hobby or time to pursue an old oneall of these might be ways that God is redeeming us.

FOR PRAYER: Pray for deeper freedom to commit your spirit fully to God, and pray for the ability to see all the ways God is gracing you in your surrender.