Message of the Week

Reflections from the November 22 Gospel

John 18:33b-37
As the Lord told Pilate, “my kingdom does not belong to this world.” His kingdom is not established in a particular place or even in a particular time. Rather, the realm of the King of the universe encompasses all the other kingdoms of the world. And everyone is invited to be the privileged subject of this King. The key to entering this kingdom, as Jesus says, is to listen to his voice. Heeding the voice of Jesus enables us to belong to this kingdom that is founded upon truth.
Jesus defines his authority in these terms: “For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth.” As Christians, we profess to follow the King of kings. Therefore, as members of his royal realm, we too should be about the business of testifying to the truth: that Jesus is in fact God-made-man and that, through his death and resurrection, he has saved us from our sins. This Gospel message, both simple and profound, is a truth that never grows old. Let us boldly profess the truth of the Gospel as we invite all those we encounter to join in the joy of the kingdom of Jesus.

Questions of the Week

John 18:33b-37:
How do Jesus’ responses to Pilate help
define his role as king and lord of the universe?
Daniel 7:13-14:
Why do you suppose God spoke through visions in the ancient world?
Revelation 1:5-8:
Of the numerous titles for Christ in this reading, which do you find most appealing?