Message of the Week

Reflections from the March 13 Gospel

John 8:1-11
To the woman caught in adultery, Jesus was literally a savior. She was about to suffer the death penalty, according to the law of Moses, but the Lord preserved her life. He did not pretend she was innocent or excuse her behavior. Rather, his freely bestowed mercy became an opportunity for her conversion. The woman’s physical life was spared, and if she chose to follow Jesus’ instruction to abandon sin, her spiritual life was also saved as a result of this dramatic encounter.
We also have access to this freedom. When he died on the cross for us, Jesus became our savior too. Instead of condemning us, he set us free from the power of sin. But like the woman in the Gospel, we have a choice to make. We, ultimately, have to decide: will I follow the path of Jesus, who has saved me, by resolving to sin no more? Or will I depart from my savior, and return to the same old self-destructive patterns?
Questions of the Week
John 8:1-11:
Why do you think it is difficult for
many to show mercy over judgment?
Isaiah 43:16-21:
Why is it hard for you to let go of the past?
Philippians 3:8-14:
What would “perfect maturity” as a Christian look like?