Message of the Week

Reflections from the August 7 Gospel

Luke 12:32-48
The only thing we really know about when Jesus will come again is that we won’t be expecting it. As Jesus instructs us today, the best plan of action is thus to be prepared at all times. A little thought experiment might be helpful here. Let’s imagine that the doorbell rings this evening after dinner. We open the door and find Jesus standing there. He asks to come in. Are we ready for this honored guest? What will he find when he steps in unannounced? Is everyone speaking with love and acting with generosity? Is there anything in our home that, in his presence, we might be ashamed of—books, shows, movies, or music that aren’t appropriate? Pictures, Facebook posts, or a record of Internet history that we hope he won’t discover? Now, imagine that he came unannounced into our hearts this evening. What would he find there? Are our hearts ready to welcome Jesus? In truth, we need not wait for the second coming to have Jesus in our hearts. He wants to live there already today!

Questions of the Week

Luke 12:32-48:
What is required today of believers
to be God’s “faithful and prudent steward”?
Wisdom 18:6-9:
What role does courage play in your faith life?
Hebrews 11:1-2, 8-19:
How would you define the term “faith”?