A-Men’s Club Workday at All Saints Parish

Some members of our A-Men’s Club helped accomplish some projects this past Saturday on our work day. They were able to do some landscape work (mulch and pull overgrown trees) and erect some parking protectors for our ramp/railing at St. Joe’s. Everything was funded by our A-Men’s group and several good souls of this group answered the call to help on a potentially very hot day. We especially want to thank James Haley for organizing these projects and arranging for the mulch and parking protectors. Good work men!

Sunday Gospel Warm-up

A Divine Presence and Love

June 11, John 6:51-58

This is Corpus Christi Sunday or better the Body and Blood of Christ. These past Sundays, we’ve celebrated important feast days focusing us toward the belief in God’s living presence. Ascension, Pentecost, and Trinity all carry the subtle message that the Spirit of the risen Christ is with us. This feast, the Body and Blood of Christ, likewise is meant to bolster our belief that in the Eucharist, in the elements of bread and wine, Jesus is truly present.

It’s easy to fall into religious routine and lose sight of our main purpose when we gather for Mass. But in receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, we are affirming that God is powerfully present in our lives and that, in our receiving, we become part of that living presence. The challenge is, can we in faith then, love as Jesus loved exemplified by the Cross.