September 1, 2019 ~ Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Humility. Humility helps us put things in proper priority.
The champion of humility is Jesus Christ. He mastered it. 

We enjoy sharing a meal with friends. 

At a banquet or formal meal, we do not go to the head table. We wait to be invited.

Last Sunday we heard we must be willing to make sacrifices…self-sacrifice. Those who persevere will be at the eternal banquet.

We have a God who has invited everyone to the banquet. We are reminded in the Gospel that we are called to be images of God’s embracing love. We are to love all people. We are called to invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind…to serve their needs. 

Especially when we come to Church we realize that everyone is equal. We gather as one around the table.

How do we make real God’s direction that we invite and welcome all people? It is more than writing a check. Our service must be based on our imitation of God’s love.