September 8, 2019 ~ Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

How many of you are disciples?
How do we make disciples?
If ever there was a mission statement this Gospel would be it.
It is a difficult task…the call to discipleship.

If you really want to be a disciple, you have to give up your family. You have to take up your cross and be willing to die. You have to give up all of your possessions.

You have to give it all up. You have to give up your ego…anything that will hold you back from Christ.
What are our priorities? Jesus tells us there is just one priority…to love God with your whole heart, mind and strength.

You have to take up your cross. He doesn’t just mean our aches and pains. He means our possessions, and our life. Like…Oscar Romero, the women who were martyred in Central America, Maximilian Kolbe.

Do we use what we have to help others…the Soup Kitchen, St. Vincent de Paul?

“We are called, we are chosen. We are Christ for one another.
We are promised to tomorrow, while we are for him today. We are sign, we are wonder. We are sower, we are seed. We are harvest, we are hunger. We are question, we are creed.