Take Action All Saints Parish

Over the weekend, CAJE staff worked with a few leaders to form statements that YOU can easily send to Evansville City Council members and Vanderburgh County Councilors this week, as the councils conduct 2021 budget hearings.

What is at stake?

1.) $500,000 for Evansville’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Due to COVID-19 safe, decent and affordable housing is needed now more than ever! We must urge the council to keep the full allocation in the ’21 budget.

2.) Safe Neighborhoods! The National Network for Safe Communities has a proven track record in the reduction of group and gun violence in cities all over the country! Mayor Winnecke committed to allocate $50,000 in the budget to contract with NNSC. City Council should not eliminate that. We are asking them to make safe neighborhoods a priority.

3.) Aurora has a re-entry program that is proven to reduce recidivism. We are asking the County Council to keep the $40,000 allocation for the annual salary of a re-entry Case Manager in the 2021 budget.

What can you do?

Make your voice heard by adding your name to our organizational statements to the Councils. Here’s how to do that.

1.) Go to the CAJE website, by clicking on this link: https://www.greaterevansvillecaje.org/take-action

2.) Choose the Email Evansville City Council red tab. The email recipients and message will automatically transfer to your email.

3.) Simply sign your name and hit SEND.

4.) Follow steps 2 & 3 to email County Council. Don’t forget to sign your name (and city ward or county district, if you know it) and hit SEND.