Thank You Parish Family

October 22, 2021

Dear Parish,

When thanking a large group, our biggest fear is that we will somehow forget someone so we are doing our best to remember everyone who made our first ever Fall Festival Booth such a success.  Without the countless volunteers who worked in the booth, those who donated soft drinks, made corn, closed the booth, performed maintenance and set-up / took down the booth, helped with advertising, cooked the food and remembered us in your prayers . . .  THANK YOU!!   We were amazed at what your love and support could do to make our first year so successful.

Here are the numbers for the week:

               Total Gross Sales:           $27,759

               Total Food Expense:        $8,668

               Partnership with MEO    $3,000

               Booth Space for 2022     $989

               Final Total Income         $15,102

We have heard that a lot of the booths on Franklin Street did not come close to these kinds of numbers.  And remember, we did this with $2 tacos and $3 corn as our price points.  Marian Educational Outreach was so thrilled with our success.  Expect even bigger and better for 2022.

Finally, we have to set aside a special recognition and huge thank you to José Ramirez and his amazing crew at El Charro.  Without their time, talent, and treasure we would have never been successful.  Their devotion to this Fall Festival project and this Parish is beyond measure.  Please continue to thank them by visiting both El Charro and El Patron often.


Your Fall Festival Booth Team